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Herbal Medicine

“Our Greatest
Is Health”

This quote from the great Virgil reminds us that Health should be our top priority.  If you are struggling with health issues, low energy, or burnout, and have been looking for natural solutions that address the root of the problem, and not just the symptoms, you have come to the right place.

Welcome to Alquimia Wellness

Alquimia is a new generation of wellness center, where self-care meets community care, and eastern medicine joins forces with western functional medicine to provide a new level of holistic wellbeing.  

We are local, rooted in our neighborhood and community, but also global, bringing education and connection online to support the modern evolution of healthy living.  

If you have been out of balance, disconnected from your natural rhythms, chronically stressed and looking for solutions to low energy, poor digestion, hormone changes, insomnia, mood swings, or skin issues, we’d love to help.  

Through simple daily Rituals and natural Remedies, we help you to restore wholeness and beauty to your body and your life.


Acupuncture &Functional Medicine

Learn how you can help reduce and eliminate visible and invisible stress, get out of fight or flight mode and get your energy back, so you can bring your very best to the things you love most.  


Holistic Skincare &


True beauty encompasses much more than our outer appearance, and requires a deep sense of self-worth, a commitment to self-care, and continual acts of self-love and nourishment.


Rituals & Remedies

We are committed to finding solutions that are effective, affordable, and natural, and all our methods utilize the best of modern science alongside the ancient wisdom of the healing arts for unprecedented results, without the unwanted side effects. 

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Thank you for joining our Community!!

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