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The Sacred Journey of Conscious Dying


How Can You Bring More Ease, Grace, and Love into the Dying Process?


Most of us have very little experience and understanding of the End of Life process

and the complex emotions and spiritual elements that come into play.

We might want to support our loved ones or clients but do not have the mastery needed to do so.

This retreat is designed to empower you with knowledge and guidance
to infuse this sacred life experience with Ease, Grace, and Love.

As Midwives, we witness time and time again how heart-ache, anxiety,

and fear dominate this fragile and emotional time.

It is upon each of us to step into this space to repair the connection to the present, source, self,

and each other with simple and effective tools and practices and above all love.

One of our greatest joys comes from former retreat participants who share

how this course allowed them to deeply care for, and hold space for,

those choosing the sacred journey of conscious dying.


        Join Us For An Exploration Of: 

  • How to hold death close while living fully

  • The role of the End Of Life Midwife & Death Doula

  • The place of ritual in the sacred journey to the end

  • Redefining what it means to care for our own in modern times

  • The dance of Conscious Living & Conscious Dying

  • BE-ING with dying and death

  • Integrating old and new wisdoms


Voices from the Community

Birgitta and Cheserae are amazing teachers and bring a personal level of commitment to this incredible work. Their loving spirits, compassionate natures, and deep knowledge of the subject came through in their teachings. The materials they provided were in-depth and practical. They created an inclusive space where I felt safe to explore my own feelings and abilities by doing practical, meaningful exercises. This work is so crucial and touches my soul deeply. It was truly a profound experience for me.


Thank you both for a beautiful experience. Each person there made it that much more special and personal. Birgitta and Cheserae, you brought all the love, knowledge and energy I had hoped for and more.


Level 1 Early Bird pricing is $900
and will increase on two weeks prior to the retreat.

Please reach out if you will require a payment plan. 
*Partial Scholarships are still available*

Also, please note, that accommodations are not included,
we will happily share our lodging recommendation 
list upon request.

Full Retreat Details:

Friday - Sunday

Friday : 2:00 - 6:30pm

Saturday : 10:00am-1:30pm *lunch*  3:00-6:30pm

Sunday : 10:00am-1:00pm *lunch* 2:00-4:30pm

During this Retreat We Guide You to:

  • Understand our role as End of Life Midwives and Death Doulas

  • How to be present to dying

  • Provide mindful guidance to the dying and their care circle

  • Create sacred space, bringing ritual into the home

  • Move from fear of the unknown to embracing the mystery with love

  • Learn the art of Sacred Tending™

  • Care circle conversations and Empathetic communication

  • The importance of self care and holistic, loving end of life practices 

  • Healing our personal relationship with dying and death

  • Addressing the logistics

Teachings will be balanced with sharing, compassionate listening.

Experiential learning, mindful group and contemplative personal work

surrounded by the beauty and tranquility of Ojai. 

This retreat is designed for:

Anyone interested in exploring conscious dying and how to ease this journey for the dying.


Home and Family Caregivers, Hospice Professionals, Healing Arts Professionals,

Volunteers, Friends and Family.

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