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Which Supplements should I choose?

Dr. Meyer’s noted that oral intake of vitamins and supplements did not correspond with increased serum concentrations desired. In contrast, IV administration was able to double or triple concentrations. Since the majority of Americans do not consume enough fluids for optimal performance and health, it’s no surprise that they may suffer from lapses in memory, poor concentration, and lethargy. These IV fluids are formulated to go directly into and stay in the bloodstream giving you the instant benefits you need.

Vitamin B complex

Supplementation of B-vitamins has been shown to improve ratings of stress, mental health, vigor, and cognitive performance. These B-vitamins are essential in helping your body breakdown and convert food into the energy it needs to function and thrive. Deficiency can manifest in many ways; so be sure to look out for fatigue, irritability, poor concentration, anxiety, and depression.


Vitamin B12

B12 is a powerhouse for the body, helping make DNA, nerve and blood cells. Your metabolism cannot function without it ; no metabolism equals no energy. And for the 40% of Americans deficient in Cobalamin (B12), signs include exhaustion, fatigue and brain fog.


Vitamin C

Vitamin C has antiviral to antihistamine effects and the high dose of ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) needed to achieve these therapeutic effects may only be obtained via IV therapy administration. Vitamin C plays major roles in many aspects of your health including: anti-oxidant effects, neutralizes free radicals, boosts in energy and memory, promotes healthy skin and skin structure, and a potent immune system.



Magnesium participates in many important bodily functions including energy creation, protein formation, genetic maintenance, muscle function, and nervous system regulation. There are many potential positive effects of magnesium supplementation including benefits see in angina, acute migraines, cluster headaches, depression, and chronic pain. In recent years, double-blind trials have shown IV magnesium can rapidly abort acute asthma attacks. The benefit of intravenous administration of magnesium as seen in the Myers’ Cocktail may allow the opportunity for ailing cells to take up magnesium in ways not achievable when taken orally.



Glutathione is possibly the most important molecule you need to stay healthy. Glutathione is an anti-inflammatory agent as it inhibits the production of most inflammatory molecules called cytokines. It also functions as your body’s most powerful antioxidant and detoxifying agent. It’s essential to eliminating toxins, maintaining your youth, and sustaining your wellness. Low Glutathione levels have been linked to every major aging process; Unfortunately your natural projection drops with age making this IV therapy supplementation that much more important for your body.



Zinc helps heal, protect, and rejuvenate your skin. Zinc also acts to lessen the formation of damaging “free-radicals” and protect cells that make your skin support system (collagen) lessening the effect of exposure to skin-damaging and aging substances such as UV-light and pollution. Zinc is important for boosting immune function and lessening inflammation to help prevent and fight something like acne or a full-blown infection. Some research even shows Zinc may reduce the duration of your cold by half. Zinc even has some direct effects on your bug and may slow the reproduction of microbes.


What Is NAD+?

NAD is a molecule that acts in metabolism in all living cells. This molecule helps cells convert nutrients into energy while assisting the proteins that regulate numerous cellular functions.
Researchers first discovered NAD+ in the early 1900s, but the benefits of NAD+ have only recently been explored further. We now know that NAD+ has a role in everything from metabolism to DNA repair and even maintaining the circadian rhythm.
While the NAD+ coenzyme is critical to cellular function, many organisms, including humans, experience a decline over time. Consequently, there is a causal link between low NAD+ levels and age-related diseases like cancer, cognitive decline, diabetes, arthritis, hypertension and atherosclerosis. Regulating NAD+ levels can improve metabolic homeostasis for a longer life span.

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