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Sacred Tending & Ritual After Death


The time after death holds within it some of the most profound and  precious gifts of life.


Grief, Love, and Gratitude are kindred souls in the quiet after death they come to visit us. Each illuminating that which is transient and begging for us to make meaning. This quiet time is filled with grace and gifts us the opportunity to share our hearts, weaving and strengthening the tapestry of love. 


As Midwives, we witness time and time again how heart-ache, anxiety, and fear dominate this fragile and emotional time.


We invite you to step into this space to connect to the present, source, self, and each other with simple and effective tools and practices and above all love.


        Join Us For An Exploration Of: 

  • Sacred Tending our own after death

  • Tools for individuals, families and professional care providers

  • After death care and preservation 

  • Sacred bathing rituals, anointing, shrouding 

  • Vigil, and laying in honor. 

  • Goodbye rituals, meaningful life celebrations, and home funerals​

  • Understanding of the death care industry

  • Walking with grief and love


Voices from the Community

Thank you so much for the amazing weekend. It was perfect preparation for living and meeting the huge challenges in my life. I am embarking on the toughest time of my life and l needed the support and peace and community that Birgitta and Cheserae provided.


The “In the end there’s only love” Retreat was so empowering, amazing and Informative!So much like Midwifery, transiting out of this world is so similar to transitioning and birthing into the world!Observing and creating the sacred space, supporting the family’s as well as the person going through transition, and working as hard as the laboring woman does. Being quiet when needed, being in the moment, being mindful and respectful. Keeping our focus on figuring out what the needs are and encouraging the family’s in helping to meet these needs.

Love & Blessings


Level Two Early Bird pricing is $950
and will increase to $1,050 a few weeks before Retreat begins.

Please reach out if you will require a payment plan. 
*Partial Scholarships are still available*

Also, please note, that accommodations are not included,

we will happily share our lodging recommendation list upon request.

This retreat is designed for those who have completed The Sacred Journey of Conscious Dying retreat  and are interested in continuing the exploration of conscious dying and  meaningful after death care. 

Full Retreat Details:

Friday:  2:00pm - 6:00 pm

Saturday:  10:00am - 1:30 pm *Lunch* 3:00pm - 6:30 pm

Sunday:  10:00am - 12:30pm *Lunch*  2:00pm - 4:30 pm

Held in the beautiful valley of Ojai, exact location to be provided upon registration.

We hope you join us in deepening our connection in this inspiring weekend.

This retreat offers opportunities for deeply personal and community oriented learning.

Teachings will be balanced with sharing, compassionate listening.

Experiential learning, mindful group and contemplative personal work surrounded

by the beauty and tranquility of Ojai.

Certificate of completion available after participation in both retreats

and ongoing participation in mentorship. 

Your Journey is Guided By 


Birgitta is a Holistic Life Coach, Women’s Community Leader, and a modern medicine woman: merging the sacred with the practical in day to day life. Helping people reconnect the human heart and spirit back to nature is a central thread in her work.  

As an End of Life Guide and Doula, Birgitta educates and supports individuals, families, health care providers, and organizations in reimagining death and dying.

The sacred privilege of walking people home has shaped Birgitta’s perspective of life as precious and love as invaluable. This perspective fuels her desire to support others in finding meaning and joy in their life.

Birgitta Headshot.png


Cheserae has spent the last 8 years studying the process of mystical death through transpersonal psychology, and learning about how to support and facilitate end of life care. Since her youth, Cheserae found herself drawn to the subtle, the sacred, and the extraordinary.

Inspired with a new vision of what is possible in death and dying, and having forged new alliances with Hospice, community leaders, and colleagues, Cheserae has committed to sharing this work with families, groups, and individuals. She currently works as a death doula, and offers end of life support, bringing the sacred and beauty into the end of life.

Her newest project involves sharing the sacred use of essential oils in tending for the dying, and focuses both on the oils for the dying as well as those for supporting the caregivers.

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