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Image by Henry Be

Amy Ritter

My Story

Meet Nurse Amy, an Ojai local. You might have seen her around town in her role as a hospice nurse, as well as concierge nurse offering intravenous infusions. With over two decades as a RN BSN, she is ICU trained, with a background in trauma nursing. Through these experiences, her mission is now rooted in offering more than just symptom control and medications. 

She believes by  incorporating vitamins into a holistic framework, we not only address specific deficiencies but also promote overall vitality.

Beyond her profession, she's is a mom to two boys, aged 10 and 11. You'll often spot them together—hiking, playing in the river, playing pickle ball, and eating sushi. 

My Services

The Resilient - Immune Boosting Infusion 
1 liter of saline, b complex, b 12, vitamin c, zinc & glutatione

Revitalize - Energy Inducing, Stress relieving, Mood boosting infusion 
1 liter of saline, b complex, b 12, vitamin c, zinc & magnesium

The Mitochondrial - NAD+ infusion "The anti-aging treatment" 

Regenerates & Repairs cellular function                                                                  1 liter saline &  250 mgNAD+

The Mitochondrial & Resilient - Enjoy the benefits of the NAD infusion combined with the immune infusion

Optimize your dose, add an additional 100mg of NAD

Feng Shui your Hormones - Balance your Hormones
1 liter saline, b complex, b 12, vitamin c, magnesium, glutatione & vitamin D

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