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after the tears fall

next cohort beginning May 13th, 2024


Lead and Held
by Cheserae & Birgitta,

Death Midwives of Dying Wisely

Birgitta and Cheserae have known each other for over two decades. As mothers raising children on the same street, they developed a deep friendship and found a common interest in being with mystery.

Dying Wisely brings together their unique gifts and their shared passion for conscious living and conscious dying. 

Based in Southern California, serving in Los Angeles and Ventura Counties; Birgitta and Cheserae teach, consult, and serve families together while also providing a series of unique educational and private offerings, and individual end-of-life support.

Conscious Living and Conscious Dying are more than concepts. 

They inform our practices and our way of being serving us

in our living, dying, and grief. This way of being is confusing to a world that tries to hide death, holds no space for grief, and neglects our relationships with nature, spirit, and love.

We live in an overarching culture where honoring our ancestors, our connection to land, and our inner selves are seen as a pastime instead of fundamental to our well-being, a culture that promotes happiness through consumption instead of Joy through devotion.

But there is another way.

This is your invitation to weave a different fabric.

One that sustains our commitment to our shared humanity, where living

and dying are once again part of the same conversation.
Where we shed tears of love and grief together so that we may come t

o a new practice and a new way of being. 

To deepen and expand our learning,
to understand the application of practical tools,
but mostly to reside in the heart and move from the heart. 

Now is the perfect time to join us as the season guides us inward and a world in turmoil begs us to find what unites us so we may be keepers of light for the way forward.


We hope you accept our invitation to weave the new together. 


within our sacred container we will explore


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