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Alexa Murphy

My Story

Alexa is an Intuitive Healer and student of Ayurveda. An innate curiosity of healing has always guided her. She began studying herbalism and Ayurveda more actively in 2017. Which led her to working alongside a local practitioner and team of women - learning hands on a series of panchakarma treatments. As interests peaked - the island of Kaua’i called - and she landed herself on a beautiful farm that specialized in the everyday practices & principles of such studies. Immersed in these practices daily & learning first hand about the ways of harmonizing through foods, spices, and season availability thereof. This experience stoked her curiosity even more and she became a certified health counselor through an online program that same year. The island offered many outlets of healing in that sacred time of incubation. 

Her passions reside in simple & intentional practices of embodiment - such preparation of food as sacred nourishment, creating intuitive & seasonal herbal blends of bath salts for soaking, devotional musings through seed bead adornments and bringing forth the ritual practice of Shirodhara.

My Services

Shirodhara /
An ancient remedy for harmonizing your entire being. Imagine a steady stream of warm herbal oil continuously pouring itself over the forehead, third eye and crown chakra. This continuum allows for communication throughout the body and nervous system. The oil activates marma points on the forehead which communicate throughout bodily systems. Session itself provides a deeply relaxing and embodied experience. After each session you will take home a beautiful bottle of oil from treatment as a means for further embodiment practices. Hair will be wrapped upon completion as it is a very oily treatment!

Rates / 
60 mins $155

90 mins $188

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