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dying wisely

We invite you to step into this space to connect to the present, source, self, and each other with simple and effective tools and practices and above all love.

A Bit About Cheserae & Birgitta
Death Midwives of Dying Wisely

Birgitta and Cheserae have known each other for over two decades. As mothers raising children on the same street, they developed a deep friendship and found a common interest in being with mystery.

Dying Wisely brings together their unique gifts and their shared passion for conscious living and conscious dying. 

Based in Southern California, serving in Los Angeles and Ventura Counties; Birgitta and Cheserae teach, consult, and serve families together while also providing a series of unique educational and private offerings, and individual end-of-life support.


"Life can be bewildering and having someone walk beside you and guide you is a blessing of immeasurable worth."

Holistic & Transition Coaching

End of Life Guidance

Sacred Tending TM

Family Dynamics & Group Support

Advanced Health-Care Planning & Client Advocacy

Caregiver & Grief Support


Interested in working one-on-one
with a Death Midwife?

End-of-Life Midwifery services include:

Book a Being-with-Dying Mentorship Call

End-of-Life Group Offerings

Embracing the Journey with Love and Community Support;

Nurturing Care for Patients and Loved Ones during Life's Transitions


Monthly Midwifery Call

Bridging Transitions provides opportunities for exploring conscious living and conscious dying. Educating, supporting, and holding space for collectively reimagining the human experience of death and dying and how we walk each other home.


Level One Death Midwifery Retreat

We invite you to come together as a community, where kindness and understanding abound, to learn about the practical aspects of this time while embracing the profoundness of the sacred and the beauty of ceremony. In this safe and nurturing space, we honor the unique experiences and foster connections that uplift both caregivers and those receiving care.


3-week Mentorship Program

1:1 Bookings Coming Soon...


After the Tears Fall 

6 week Online Program

Join our next cohort below!


Level Two Death
Midwifery Retreat

Grief, Love, and Gratitude are kindred souls in the quiet after death they come to visit us. Each illuminating that which is transient and begging for us to make meaning. This quiet time is filled with grace and gifts us the opportunity to share our hearts, weaving and strengthening the tapestry of love. 


Sacred Plant Aromatics

Online workshop exploring our plant allies to support during the end-of-life

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