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Yoga by the Ocean

Have you been struggling to understand what is happening in your body?

Have you tried all the things but they just aren't working?

Are you ready to feel vibrant in your body again?


"Healing is deeply intimate.  Your health is uniquely unique, not only physical, but also sacred, and ultimately spiritual." 

We see you out there being AMAZING, caring for so many,
living into the mission that your heart has called you to share. 
And we know that it is taking a toll on your health. 
The truth is that you may be over-committed to everyone else,
& under-committed to yourself and your body. 


If you're reading this now, you have probably tried all kinds of things, extreme diets and trendy products, done retreats and deprivations, perhaps paid expensive doctors and still felt unheard, maybe even jumped into things that you knew weren’t quite right, even followed questionable advice that you hoped would “fix” everything…

And you're still struggling with health issues:

Low energy

Poor digestion

Hormone imbalance

Inflammation, pain, bloating

Brain fog

Skin issues

Weight gain

The problem is we have not gotten to the root of what is causing all of these issues. 


The ancient medicine traditions both east and west remind us that

the root of disease, and the root of health, is in the gut. 

But healing the gut is not as simple as going on a cleanse, doing a diet, or taking some herbs. 

The gut is the center of our physiology, and influences every other body system for better or worse. 

It is responsible for transformation, not just of food into nutrients but also of our experiences into meaning, of information into useful knowledge, and of course separating the valuable emotions we experience each day from the ones that are toxic to our bodies if we hold on to them. 

Healing the gut is the beginning of returning home to our own center, reclaiming the sacred ground that is our native home, the inner landscape that the ancients called the fields of peace.

To heal our gut is to begin to heal our relationship to ourselves, and to nature. 

When we restore balance to the digestive system, like regenerating the soil of a neglected garden,

all the signs of life begin to flourish:

energy, vitality, radiance, focus, calm, joy, inspiration,

creativity, optimism, grace, ease, relaxation, connection...

In order to restore balance to a compromised system, we need medicine,

but not in the way that our system has been pushing on us. 

We need coaching, but not in the way we have been marketed to. 

We need guidance, but not in the way that we have been programmed to believe. 


The doctor we need is the one who shows us how to connect to the doctor within. 


The companionship we seek, is with those who know the truest Friend is inside of us. 

Because we can’t do it alone.  Lord knows we have tried.


The reality is that we have been all over the place in our healing journey, and where we need to be, is right here.


The quality of our life depends on the choices we make in this present moment. 

So, we have to start at the beginning, right here, right now.

We have to start by Returning to our CENTER, the place we call home, and to patiently, lovingly, tenderly, and with consummate care, begin to clean up, dust off, rebuild, re-nourish, and remember how to love this magnificent and sacred body that is the living temple of our inner spirit. 

We would be deeply honored to walk beside you through this process, to offer the wisdom gathered over many years of study and practice, and to support you as you rediscover the deep and unfathomable Vibrant Body Wisdom that lives wthin you. 

Traci D., CA

“My experience in the healing energy work with Dr. E has been profound. The shift began only a few weeks in, and my comment to him in a follow up session was just "Wow." My lightness of being, my clearness of thought, the experience of calm. Things that ordinarily triggered me started to dissipate. A true essence path began emerging. I like being on it.​"


M. P., Ojai

I am grateful for the profound healing experiences with Dr. Eric Baumgartner.  Not only is Eric a gifted healer, but a teacher of the “wisdom healing arts”.  Eric is able to go to the core of emotions and life experience — to identify the roots of what may be causing an imbalance or illness.  Using a deep listening process, followed by a combination of acupuncture, or, acupressure and oils, there are subtle and welcome results.
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The Foundational Course within the

Vibrant Body Wisdom School

Friends in Nature

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