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Michele Paige

My Story

Michele is an intuitive healer; who began her journey in the field of Cosmetology in 2012. Although her path began as a Hairstylist, she quickly realized her passion was more about helping her clients to feel good, rather than to just look good. During that time she simultaneously grew her love for Esthetics; She kept up with techniques and products and continued her practice on family and friends. With her education came the knowledge of skin-care ingredients (and toxicity!), thus intriguing her to begin formulating products from scratch.


Over the years she has recognized the need for the cultivation of a healthy-balanced lifestyle and the importance of Mind, Body and Spirit alignment; with the outlook and perspective of the whole-body approach. 


She’s currently working on multiple certifications to provide a well-rounded practice and support for her clients; training in alternative healing modalities such as Reiki, Sound bowl Healing, and as an Ayurvedic Care Provider, with a specialization in Mamas, Babies and as a Postpartum Doula. 

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