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Brad David


My Story

Brad began his bodywork practice in 2019. He is through and through a believer in the work and Recipe of Ida Rolf. He is certified in Structural Integration through Anatomy Trains and has deep gratitude to his AT teachers, Julie Hammond and Tom Myers. He continues to draw inspiration from the legacy of Ida Rolf and a handful of her incredible disciples he’s worked with a long the way. He honors the wholism of the human body, opening himself to all paths and modalities which lead us there.


Healers, bodyworkers, medicine men and women, and various masters of Qi have all left their imprint on him through his travels. And possibly most influential of all, his mom, who massaged him since he was two, and taught him the kindness of touch. He is here to delight in the complex geometry of the body. Ultimately he believes bodywork owes everything to our innate capacity to listen and connect to one another.

Brad is also a trained therapist in Zenthai Shiatsu. Although he does not normally treat with Zenthai, it greatly influences his perspective and touch. The meridian-based energetic system and the five elemental phases through which life seeks harmony, offer a beautiful and vital language for our Healing process. The pursuit of equilibrium is intrinsic to being a physical, dense thing in an infinitely unknowable world.

Brad lives in his hometown of Ojai California with his wife Rosie—continuing the search in himself, his clients, and the Earth.

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