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Reconnect to your Vibrant Body Wisdom

The truth is that you may be overcommitted to everyone else, and under-committed to yourself and your body. 

We need medicine, but not in the way that our system has been pushing on us. 

We need coaching, but not in the way we have been marketed to. 

We need guidance, but not in the way that we have been programmed to believe. 


You have probably spent thousands on extremes, done retreats and deprivations, paid expensive doctors and still felt unheard, jumped into things that you knew weren’t right, followed questionable advice that you hoped would “fix” everything…






The doctor we need is the one who shows us how to connect to the doctor within. 


The companionship we seek, is with those who know the truest Friend is inside of us. 

And…we can’t do it alone.  Lord knows we have tried.


So, we have to start at the beginning, right here, right now.

We need a circle of pilgrims who are walking this same sacred road, climbing the same beloved mountain. 


We need to restore right-relationship by making a real commitment to ourselves, to Spirit, and to our community, to take care of ourselves so that we can continue to show up in the Light. 


We can only walk others to the light if we have given ourselves the same gift. 


The reality is that you have been all over the place in your healing journey, and where you need to be, is right here.


The quality of your life depends on the choices you make in this present moment. 

You urgently need to make the space and time to come to know yourself in this new season of life.  To recognize yourself in this new landscape.  To create a sacred place for yourself in this new world.

To remember the deep friendship, the sacred relationship that you once had with your body.

Healing is deeply intimate.  Your health is uniquely unique, not only physical, but also sacred, and ultimately spiritual.  

Vibrant Body Wisdom School Logo

curriculum overview: 

  • Month 1:

       Humble beginnings: Restore stability & Get Nourished

  • Month 2-3:

       Heal the Earth: Rebuilding the soil of our digestive system

  • Month 4-5:

       Getting to the Root: Uncovering the source of our suffering

  • Month 6-7:

       Returning home to the Heart: Rediscovering inspiration,                         creativity, and a new way of Feminine Leadership


The only thing between where you are now and your place of embodied, radiant, confident feminine leadership in that new, brighter, more vibrant future is to master the lessons in true health and wellbeing and the restoration of right relationship with your sacred body.  

Join me and reconnect to the healing wisdom of your own inner doctor. 

Lead by Dr. Eric Baumgartner
L.A.c., DAOM

Doctor of Acupuncture, East West herbs, and Functional Medicine, Founder and Chief Formulator of Essential Medicina & Co-Founder of Alquimia Wellness, Father & Husband !!!


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