Solidarity & Solace in a time of crisis:  

Community Care for Immune Support and Mental Wellbeing 

We are facing unprecedented times, and a level of stress that is beyond what we can handle alone.  On top of the many layers of practical stress that this crisis is creating, we also have a very real immune threat, which requires us to take even better care of ourselvs, our families, and specifically, our stress response, so as not to leave ourselves vulnerable.  Join us as we share simple and accessible tools for self and family care, and help us weave the basket of community support that will carry us through this challenging time.  

Upcoming Live Webinar
March 22st @ 12:00PM PST

This Free Webinar Will Help You:

Implement effective Immune Support

Discover these fundamental strategies to keep yourself and loved ones healthy during this time of extraordinary stress.  An ounce of prevention is STILL worth a pound of cure.  

Get out of "fight or flight" mode

All the fear and pandemonium is triggering our adrenal response, which may be undermining the performance of our immune system.  We'll share simple tools to keep you calm and optimize your immune response.   

Clear your mind and Calm your heart

Times like these require that we remain calm and collected, and rely on our inner wisdom and intuition to help us navigate all the information and chaos.  We'll share simple ways to stay centered in the eye of the storm.  

Hosted By

Dr. Eric Baumgartner and Cheserae Scala

Functional Medicine and Acupuncture

Holistic Beauty and Wellness Coach

Founders of Essential Medicina and Alquimia Wellness in Ojai

Eric and Cheserae provide holistic wellness care and online programs for clients in Ojai and around the world.  They are inspired to offer support in this time of great need, and are working to leverage their skills and services to maximize the reach of their wellness community.  

They will be bringing all their expertise and knowledge in Eastern medicine, Functional medicine, and wellness care to share and empower all those in need.  

Eric and Cheserae are committed to creating a new model for Community Care, and look forward to welcoming your collaboration. 

Together we Rise

Every crisis holds a pearl of opportunity within, and this global pandemic is no exception. Our goal is to weave together the many strengths and skills in our vast community for the benefit of as many as we can reach in this time. Join us as we redefine Community Care in this moment of great need. More than ever, we're all in this together.


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