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Pandemic or Mental Health Crisis? 

An epidemic of previously unknown proportions is upon us.  Many of us have been entirely focused on the physical part of this crisis, washing hands, social distancing, and extra hygiene.  Others have been focused on staying well mentally, avoiding the highly contagious virus of fear, and trying to stay positive amidst the chaos.  The truth is that this global emergency is equal parts pandemic and mental health crisis, and we need to address both parts, all parts, in order to weather this storm.  Most importantly, though we are necessarily isolated from social contact, we must remember that we are not alone, and that to make it through this time we need to collaborate in a meaningful way.

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Wellbeing in a time of Crisis

We are navigating uncharted waters, but we are not without resources.  Our metaphoric lifeboat is well stocked with the wisdom of ancient medical systems that have weathered many epidemics throughout the ages, and have seasoned and well-tested approaches for prevention and treament.  

In addition, we can draw on the wealth of practices that will support our mental wellbeing, keeping us calm, alert and ready to respond in the most positive and proactive way as things change.  

It is crucial that we avoid operating in a "fight or flight" state, as this will weaken our immune response, and cause us to react from a place of fear, only making us more vulnerable to the current threat.  

In order to support our community in this time, we are offering an online program where we can connect, share practices and guidance for this challenging time, and hold space for positive and proactive action from our respective places of isolation.  

Every health crisis holds an opportunity hidden within, and every sailor needs a lighthouse to navigate stormy waters, this is no exception.  Together we can discover the blessings, and navigate the losses, so that we can emerge stronger and wiser on the other shore.  

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Remember your Inner Wisdom

The most important thing we can do right now is to connect to the deep inner knowing that lives in our bodies and in our hearts.  Each of us is meeting this challenge in different ways, and it is asking us all to dig deep and find out what we are made of.

It is also crucial in this time that we remember that we are not alone, and that we need one another to survive, and that although each of our situations are unique, we are all in this together. 

We are offering this online space as a way to anchor in our connection to health and vitality, and we'll be offering the following core programs throughout the next 12 weeks for Solidarity and Solace: 

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Group acupuncture

Acupressure and Essential Oils for Immune support

Acupressure is a simple technique that anyone can use to activate the body's inherent capacity to heal.  We'll provide simple instructional videos and live demos on how to use this for yourself and loved ones, and incorporate essential oils and other tools that will support a healthy immune system, and help alleviate symptoms for those affected.   

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Yoga and Meditation

We'll be offering live online classes to support that state of calm, alert, and readiness, and to enhance our body's ability to respond to the stresses of this moment, immune, emotional and otherwise.  These practices will activate our parasympathetic nervous system, helping to balance out the effect of the fear and stress we are experiencing. 

Whether you are a first-timer, or a seasoned veteran on the mat, these practices will bring you back to center, and help you access the inner guidance you need most in this time. 

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Group Wellness Coaching

This is where we'll break down the day to day challenges of living through this time.  We'll talk medical, energetic, and emotional, and provide support wherever it's needed.  Questions are welcome, and we'll evolve together as this crisis unfolds.  We'll rediscover the inner wisdom that will guide each of us powerfully through this challenging time to emerge stronger than ever.  

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Solidarity & Solace

To provide the fullest level of Community Care that we are able during this time, and make it available to the greatest number of people in need, we are offering several options.  All of them will include all live classes and recordings of classes in our online members learning portal.  The basics are here below, but we will be adding a tremendous amount of additional content and support along the way, so this is just a sketch.  Given the unpredictability of our current crisis, we will be evolving with the progress of this situation, and adding what is most useful and appropriate along the way.  We'll also be inviting guest contributors and collaborators with expertise in key areas to further support you.  

Key areas of support (minimum one class per area weekly):

  • 1.Group Wellness coaching
  • 2. Yoga and Meditation (3/week)
  • 3. Acupressure and essential oils/herbs
  • 4. Invincible Mindset
  • 5. How to make the most of Time at HOME
  • 6. Nutritional guidance for unusual circumstances
  • 7. Coordination of community response efforts.  (as needed)

We are inviting you to contribute at the level you are comfortable.  Our goal is to provide you with a comprehensive program that would normally be valued at or above $1000/month.  We are committed to making this available to all those in need, so we are offering a 50% discount for those in need, and a 100% discount for those who cannot afford to pay at this time.  Please use the honor system here, as we are working hard to provide this service and continue to feed our family and serve our local community as well.  

We are also offering that families or couples can all participate for the price of 1 person, and that if you invite someone who pays in full, we will send you a $50 commission.  So share this will all those you love, and ask them to let us know who sent them here.  Together, we will make this an amazing support system and lift up our community during a time of great need.  

The cost for the program is $200/month, with a 2-pay option for anyone who needs it, and the above mentioned discount options.  It will auto-renew at the second month and again at the 3 month mark, but you are welcome to cancel at any time.  Our intention is to carry this program through until the arrival of summer.  Again, you can cancel at any time. 

If you are in a position to provide a scholarship for someone in need, you'll have an opportunity during checkout to add a scholarship to your order. 

A full refund will be available ONLY for your first 7 days in the program. 

May this time bring out the greatest in each of us, just like the heavy rain always brings the brightest of rainbows.   


Here is the schedule of weekly meetings, which is subject to change slightly as we move through this unpredictable time.  We'll do our very best to keep this schedule intact, but also recognize that we all may need to adjust as we go.  Everything will be recorded and available to watch later in your online course.  


     Yoga with Cheserae 9am


     Meditation with Eric 9am

     Wellness Group Coaching 6pm 


     Qi Gong (Time TBA) 


     Yoga with Cheserae 9am


     Wellness Group Coaching 10am


     Yoga with Lucy 9am  

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Frequently Asked Questions

Nourish the Root of Wellbeing

Together we Rise.  Together we Heal.

Together we Change for the Better.

We are all in this TOGETHER, now more than ever. 

Join us as we redefine Community Care.

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There are 2 ways you can register

These rates are heavily discounted to make this available to as many as possible, but for those in financial distress, use coupon code SPRING50 for 50% off or SPRING100 for 100% off.  

$200 Month (will recur monthly but can be cancelled anytime) 

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$100 Bi-weekly (will recur monthly but can be cancelled anytime) 

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Our Facilitators

These two feel blessed to be able to work together as husband and wife, and to bring their experience, resources, and hearts together for the creation of a new model of Community Care.  

Dr. Eric Baumgartner

Dr. Eric Baumgartner L.Ac., DAOM

Eric is a father, a pilgrim, and a lifetime student of medicine from many traditions, East to West.  He currently practices Acupuncture and Functional Medicine in Ojai, CA at Alquimia Wellness, a new generation of wellness center foucused on holistic Community Care.  He is inspired to share the wisdom of the ancient medicine traditions which can help us reconnect to our own inner wisdom, to the cycles of nature, and to the greatest healing power we can access, which dwells in our hearts.  

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Cheserae Scala

Cheserae is a weaver of connections, and has dedicated much of her life to the study and practice of beauty.  She has been practicing as a holistic esthetician for over 20 years, and has always held the conviction that true beauty comes from within.  To that end, she supports others to find the source of beauty within, using essential oils as a keystone of her practice.  She also works as a death doula/transition coach, supporting individuals and families in transitions including the end of life to remember that in the end, there is only Love. 

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