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Sacred Use of Plant Aromatics
for Caregivers and End of Life Care

The ancient plant wisdom of Essential Oil is a tool for enhancing wellness and wellbeing in caregiving and end of life. Essential Oils have the ability to gently bring us back to the present moment, enhance well being and mindfulness, reduce stress, foster connection and trust. 

Please join us in beautiful Ojai for a half day workshop

to explore the Holistic Sacred Use of The Plant Aromatics Of Essential Oils

for the care of our loved ones and clients. 

This workshop provides you with knowledge and tools on how to safely

and effectively use essential oils at the end of life

and learn ways to integrate Aromatherapy and Touch into clinical,

community and familial settings.


The Specifics: 

Saturday, December 10th

10am- 2pm

Hosted at Alquimia Wellness in Ojai 

In-person Investment $125

Who it is for:

Caring Adults, Caregivers, Hospice and Palliative Care Professionals and Volunteers,

Death Doulas and Midwives, Spiritual counselors, and anyone involved in direct end of life care. 


* Information shared is based on the use of the highest quality therapeutic grade Essential Oils,

While we use doTERRA essential oil, information will be general and useful for all pure high quality essential oils*


What You Will Learn:

  • The basic Alchemy and of Plant Aromatics

  • Understanding plant energetics for emotional and spiritual support. 

  • Basic knowledge of essential oils and Guidelines for appropriate use. 

  • Safety and dilution information.

  • Specific Essential Oils Protocols and recipes. 

  • Learn from case studies.

  • Combine essential Oils and Touch - Learn a simple hand and foot technique for applying oils. 

  • Practicum for those who attend in person 

  • Suggestions for integration into current work models. 

  • Suggestions for integration into other complementary modalities and familial settings. 


The Take-Away:

  • You will receive a workshop PDF to take home to anchor all information shared as well as a few samples of essential oil for personal use. 


  • Feel confident in using essential oil as a complementary modality to other care. 


  • Enhance your ability to serve, and enhance the end of life experience of those you are serving.


  • There will be an option to purchase a special Essential Oil Kit curated for Caregiving and End Of Life after the workshop.




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