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Red Head Model

A Free Masterclass for Feminine Leaders to help you Get to the Root of your Health Issues and Reconnect to your Vibrant Body Wisdom

Have you been struggling to understand what is happening in your body?

Have you tried all the things but they just aren't working?

Have you been told that it’s normal and FINE to feel tired, bloated, hormonal, moody, depressed, anxious, foggy, inflamed, isolated, and in pain?

Are you feeling disconnected from your inner body wisdom?

Are you more stressed than you'd like to admit?

I honestly feel like my heart breaks every time I hear this story, and it happens over and over in my little office sanctuary. I can’t stay silent about this any longer...

The women who find their way to my office are unbelievably powerful and brave, but they often arrive on the verge of a health crisis, struggling to hold it all together.  
They are holding families, businesses, friends, parents, communities, networks, taking care of 10,000 things a day and they reliably report to me that they are not that stressed out...

They have a  capacity to keep going, to push through, to show up for the ones they love, despite an enormous level of what I would call stress.  

They are on a mission, though they might not always say so, and most of the time, they are not even be aware of how very stressed out their bodies are. 

This might be a mission to raise and educate their kids in a new and better way in this changing world, it might be building a conscious business to serve the communities they so lovingly tend, it might be a leadership position in business or community they represent, it might be consulting, or coaching other women or launching a non-profit, or courageously sharing their art or music or words…

Whatever the case, the key is that are giving their life force and energy to that mission in a way that is BEYOND what I would call sustainable. 

Even if they are financially crushing it, they are living on high interest energy credit cards that are maxed. 

Their body is most likely giving them signs, in no uncertain terms and ringing the alarm bells to let them know that if they keep up the pace of their life in the way that they are currently going, they are headed for a breakdown on the side of the road, or worse (as in: running on FUMES, and burning the candle at both ends). 

Sadly, our medical system has entirely failed them, and all too often they've been told it's all in their heads.  Nobody has really taken the time to ask them what is really going on in their lives, to see the bigger picture, to help them decipher the messages that the body is sending in an intelligent and desperate attempt to help her come back into balance, to restore her natural rhythms, to find HER way in this crazy, out of balance, masculine dominated world. 

I've seen it too often.  The burnout is all too real.  There is an urgent need to slow down and LISTEN to what the body is asking for, and to ask for support to help restore balance, return to center, and get to the root of what is

Does this story sound familiar? 
Are you ready for something to change?


Presented by Dr. Eric Baumgartner
L.A.c., DAOM

Doctor of Acupuncture, East West herbs, and Functional Medicine, Founder and Chief Formulator of Essential Medicina & Co-Founder of Alquimia Wellness, Father & Husband !!!

Image by Maria Lupan

In this webinar we will cover

The only thing between where you are now and your place of embodied, radiant, confident feminine leadership in that new, brighter, more vibrant future is to master the lessons in true health and wellbeing and the restoration of right relationship with your sacred body.  

Join me and reconnect to the healing wisdom of your own inner doctor. 

Our next Masterclass will be Friday, April 14th
@ 9AM PST.

A recording will be sent out, if you cannot join us live!

I'm ready to feel Vibrant again,
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