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Learn How to Relax with Breath

a 4-week Pranayama Series

Guided by Julia Berkeley

A life of travel and exploration has gifted Julia with the awareness that all paths lead to the one all pervading presence that dwells within the heart. Whether dancing, singing or on the yoga mat, she invites you, here and now, to rest into your true Self, that which is already and always whole, complete and perfect.

Learn how to Relax with Breath

Do you experience stress, anxiety, insomnia, imbalanced emotions or digestive issues?


In this 4 week series you will learn simple but powerful breath techniques that can quickly help you feel calmer, happier and healthier. 

As well as improving daily living these practices support deeper meditation and connection to your soul light. 

Yoga at Home

Some of the benefits of this simple breathwork include:

• releasing stress and anxiety
• calming the mind
• improving sleep
• balancing emotions
• increasing energy
• improving digestion
• calming the nervous system
• lowering blood pressure

Pranayama is best done on an empty stomach.

Eat lightly or not all for a few hours before each session.

This series is held on Tuesdays

Sept 28th - Oct 19th

from 7:00pm - 8:15pm

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