Tuesday Dec. 10th from 7-9pm. 

Fall Medicine Making Series Part 2:  Cough Remedy

At 7pm we continue our first Herbal Medicine Making series with Dr. Eric Baumgartner.  We are focusing on immune support for the winter season, and will be making two more amazing products that will keep you and your family healthy and strong.  You'll learn about the herbs, we'll work together to prepare, we'll get to taste a finished product, and you'll take home a bottle of your own.  Each week is $50 which includes the materials, or you can pay $90 for the remainder of the series.  Please register in advance as we do need to prepare materials to make sure there is enough for everyone! **Tues Dec. 17th we'll make Elderberry Syrup


Thursday Dec. 12th at 7pm 

We have our third monthly Song Circle with Liesel Rigsby.  This is an evening to drop your guard, LET GO and open your heart, and allow your voice to express all the joy and beauty that has been hiding within you.  NO experience necessary, if you can breathe, you can SING.  
**Save the date for the next one, too...Jan. 16th!! 


Saturday, Dec. 14th from 5-7pm

Adrenal Restore with Dr. Eric Baumgartner and Cheserae Scala

from 5-7pm we are offering our first Adrenal Restore evening.  If you are struggling with low energy levels, hormone imbalance, insomnia, stubborn weight gain, brain fog...this one's for you.  We'll dive deep into how the adrenals affect every system of the body, and we'll practice a yoga series specifically designed to balance the stress response and help you get out of fight or flight.  We'll be launching a full Adrenal Restore program in the new year, so come get a taste of what it feels like to rebalance your nervous system!  


Saturday, December 21st from 630-830pm

Solstice Celebration with Aykanna

As winter arrives, we gather to celebrate the Winter Solstice.  We are honored to welcome back Aykanna: Sukh Dev and Akadamah for a magical evening of Story and Song as we weave the threads of the end of the solar year into the beautiful tapestry of a new one.  

Sunday, December 22nd from 10am-2pm

Pneuma Breathwork the Experience of Divinity

We are excited to be hosting our monthly Pneuma Breathwork: An Experience of Divinity.  PNEUMA BREATHWORK is a revolutionary, profound, and surprisingly easy practice that gives us a natural to access extraordinary or transpersonal states of consciousness. These states allow for the exploration of the more subtle and refined inner dimensions of the psyche, and help us to establish a lasting connection to our own divine nature.  Cost for the workshop is $50.  



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