9 week Spring Wellness Program: 

April 13th-June 8th  Email to get on the list! (details coming soon... [email protected]


TUESDAY FEB 11th from 7-9pm.  

Medicine Making: Elderberry Syrup with Dr. Eric Baumgartner

FRIDAY FEB 14th from 6:30-9pm.  

Partner Thai Yoga Massage with Gigi Chiarello


Thursday FEB 20th from 7-9pm. 

Song Circle with Liesel Rigsby

We continue with this inspiring monthly Song Circle with Liesel Rigsby.  This is an evening to drop your guard, LET GO and open your heart, and allow your voice to express all the joy and beauty that has been hiding within you.  NO experience necessary, if you can breathe, you can SING.  Sooooo FUN!!! 


Friday February 21-Sun Feb. 23 

Wellness Weekend Mini Retreat at Alquimia

Details Here

Saturday, February 22nd at 6:30pm

Song and Story with Aykanna

Sunday, February 23rd from 11-3pm

Pneuma Breathwork the Experience of Divinity

We are excited to be hosting our monthly Pneuma Breathwork: An Experience of Divinity.  PNEUMA BREATHWORK is a revolutionary, profound, and surprisingly easy practice that gives us a natural to access extraordinary or transpersonal states of consciousness. These states allow for the exploration of the more subtle and refined inner dimensions of the psyche, and help us to establish a lasting connection to our own divine nature.  Cost for the workshop is $50.  


Sunday, Feb 23rd at 7pm

New Moon Women's Circle with Gigi Chiarello and Harmony Raye

Thursday, Feb 27th from 7-9pm

Celestial Beauty : Redefining Beautiful : (Details coming soon!) 




July 10-12 Meridians and Qi

Yin Yoga Teacher Training : 25 hr Level II 

Join Dr Eric Baumgartner and Leah Adams for their fourth annual 25 hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training. Focused specifically on Yin Yoga, Traditional Chinese Medicine teachings and the subtle body, this training is grounded in both Eastern lineage and Western science. Expect a truly immersive learning experience. Students will learn through lectures as well as hands-on learning to see and feel where the meridians run in their own bodies. Especially formulated to be effective for different types of learning styles, the Meridians and Qi Yin Yoga Teacher Training makes learning about the energetic body an approachable and unforgettable experience.

More info and Registrations here


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