The business of Springtime

Uncategorized Apr 23, 2020

"Awake awhile.

It does not have to be forever,

Right now.

One step upon the Sky's soft skirt Would be enough..."

The world may still be closed, but Spring obeys only the unwavering call of the sun rising in the sky, each day moving closer to its peak.  

We may be in quarantine, and yet our hearts are stretching, expanding, reaching for the light and urging us to grow, to grow, to grow.  

"Sometimes when you're in a dark place, you tend to think you've been buried. Perhaps you've been planted.  Bloom." ~ Christine Caine 

It seems as though we've all been buried under a wave of information, fear, loss, and perhaps some much needed isolation.  If there is darkness, perhaps it is the many layers, years of unresolved emotions we had been avoiding in the business of our habitual busy-ness.  Perhaps it is in this stillness that we are composting, transforming, sprouting, and pushing our way through the dense soil of our unconsciousness to finally re-emerge into the light. 

The real business of spring is about expansion.  And yet we have been contained in a way that seems to limit our ability to do just this.  What we have forgotten is that before expansion must come the process of rooting, establishing the foundation for that expansion.  If we grow too fast, too soon, we are doomed to topple over in the windy transition from winter to summer, never to bear the fruits of our heart's deepest yearning.  

First, we root down.  Deeply.  We dig our feet into the rich soil of our environment, the ground of family and community, the wealth of nature's bounty.  And we push against the soil, the rocks, the layers of muck and mulch that have gathered above us in the last years, and all that pushing strengthens our spine, vitalizes the core of our body and being, and reaffirms our commitment to reach the light.  This becomes our foundation for growth.  

What seemed like an obstacle becomes our training partner, sharpening our sword and preparing us for the intensity of life in the light.  And in this moment, we can almost see it.  The LIGHT.  The Light at the end of the tunnel.  It may seem a far way off, we may have much ground to cover before we burst free into the sunshine, but we are closer to the Light than when we started.  And we cannot deny that we see it, that we KNOW that it is real, that it is close, and that the Light is calling us to grow.  

We are fast approaching the high point of Spring, and whether you realize it or not, your body has been preparing you to emerge from your hibernation.  If you have been feeling frustration, irritability, waves of anxiousness or depression, uncertainty or indecision, changes in digestion, sleep, or hormone cycles, you are not alone.  All these are signs that your body is being profoundly affected by the energy of Spring.  

From the vantage of the greater cycles, our current pandemic predicament is simply an intensification of the natural process of the season, and a clear representation of the imbalances created by years of living out of balance with the seasons and cycles.  

What to do?  There is only one thing to do in this season.  


Push against the resistance you feel inside, stretch your limbs and move your body and write and speak with compassion about the frustration and emotion you are metabolizing within.  Get as close as you can to nature and observe how She is doing the business of spring.  It is not effortless, but it is graceful, it is beautiful, sometimes painful, but always redeeming, inspiring, and miraculous.  

See every "obstacle" as a training partner, honing your ability to practice the virtues of the heart, showing you the places inside that need to be mulched, composted, transmuted, and made into fuel for the journey back to the Light.  


Remember that the journey from acorn to mighty oak does not happen overnight.  Even if you feel yourself to be well established, rooted, resourced, you have room to grow, to be pruned, to shed the old, to bring forth new branches, to set new blossoms.  


Wherever you are planted in this moment is the very most perfectest place for you to grow, or you would not have been planted there.  The wind may blow and you may find yourself elsewhere in seasons to come, but RIGHT NOW, "awake awhile" to the magnificent fertility of this moment.  


Recognize that the pains you are feeling are growing pains.  Make sure to rest when you are tired, and move when you feel stagnant, and to Breathe deeply and frequently.  Stretching our edges, shedding our skin, emerging vulnerable and green into the Light is not easy, nor comfortable, and rarely in this world do we receive the glorious welcome we deserve.  And yet, growth is triumph.  


The heart will ALWAYS triumph, if we follow it, and...even if we don't.  And herein lies the key:  The heart is the light towards which we must grow.  Growth for growth's sake is called cancer.  We may be living the consequences of pushing ourselves to grow without measure, without wisdom, without heart.  But growth which is guided by the Light and love in our heart is the fulfillment of our destiny and the source of true health and wellbeing for ourselves and for all beings. 

In the Heart, it is always Springtime.  

So, just in case you missed the memo, Spring is well underway and you are a part of it, whether you like it or not.  But really, what's not to like?  

This Spring marks a new cycle of growth for our whole planet.  Many seasons have come and gone without such a poignant, purposeful, and wide scale pause, and Nature herself is undoubtedly gestating some powerful growth and change that will forever alter the way we live as humans.  So be gentle with yourself, this is big work, but don't shy away from the work.  It's time we get on board and do our part.  

It's no coincidence that Earth day is here, and this year more than ever we are being asked to live it internally.  Only when we see ourselves as inseparable from nature, from the earth, from each living being on the planet, and realize that our inner environment is the one we must care for and clean up, then can we begin to heal the earth.  The earth is not asking us to heal Her, but rather, in this GROW.  

We hope this message finds you well and helps you to find the blessings and medicine of this time.  We are working and growing so we can continue supporting our community, and would love to hear how you are growing in this season, and where you might be struggling to overcome obstacles to your growth.  

If you are needing support, please do reach out to us.  We are offering virtual consultations and telemedicine and 1:1 Wellness coaching via Zoom or phone, delivering herbs and medicines, and are providing group support in our Spring Wellness program which is still open should you wish to join us.  

We miss all of your beautiful smiles, and the Light in your eyes, but we know that this time is ultimately making each of us stronger, brighter, kinder, and more beautiful, and that when we emerge from our hibernation we will marvel at the miraculous rebirth we have all shared. 

Trust in the timing, have patience, and practice compassionate courage as you awaken to this season of inner evolution.  

Awake, my dear.
Be kind to your sleeping heart. 
Take it out into the vast fields of Light
And let it breathe. 

Give me back my wings. 
Lift me, Lift me nearer."

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